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The missions of "Building" relate fully to the building's stability and technical studies: the design, the various stages of study, preparation and submission of tenders, monitoring of implementation until completion and acceptance of the works, including health and safety coordination.

On the stability side, structures in reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, wood, metal, composite steel-concrete, wood-concrete, etc. are studied taking into account all the specifics of the work such as seismic constraints, special techniques for restoring of historic buildings, etc.

Technical studies cover various areas related to the comfort and safety of buildings. Here, one is conducting thermal studies (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), sanitation, electricity (medium voltage, high current, low current) and transport facilities and general safety of buildings and its equipments.

This activity "Building" also embraces our approach to compliance with the sustainable development: our staff keeps monitoring the new technologies on an ongoing basis (solar energy, heat pumps, recyclable materials ...) enabling respect for the environment and rational use of energy. We offer innovative solutions, always ensuring that they are suitable for the project.