SGI Ingénierie S.A.S. France

SGI Ingénierie S.A.S. France operates in the fields of civil engineering and construction. The company is the result of Sectra's acquisition  in 1999, consulting firm based in Chambéry since 1958.

SGI Ingénierie SAS is a leading engineering player in Rhône-Alpes area's markets in particular, but also on the national territory and abroad.

The skills of the consultancy firm are:

- Civil engineering: Tasks: design studies, project management, consulting and monitoring.

Types of structures: structural works, underground structures, transport infrastructures, hydroelectric power plants, industrial buildings, etc.

- Building:

In 2010, the consultancy CETEC (Bassens, 73) joined SGI Ingénierie SAS France. The company now has 29 employees at the site of Le Bourget du Lac.

Our clients: EDF-CIH, ONERA, Vinci, Bouygues, Siemens, Areva, Owens Corning, Local authorities (municipalities, regional and county councils, etc.), public housing offices, private developers, etc…